Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top Five | Maybelline

I was scrolling through my recent posts and looking through my stash the other day when I realised I have a heck of a lot of stuff from Maybelline! For me it's one of those brands that goes undetected, it's reliable and I didn't realise how much stuff I use pretty much weekly. I think it was a Maybelline product that was my first ever purchase as a teen - it was some sparkly lipstick that smelt of watermelon and had little to no colour yet I slathered it on thinking I was a Disney princess. (Just did a Google search - it was the Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds lipstick! #TBT)

Moving swiftly on though, I've pulled together my top five products from the brand. I usually do top three but there was too much to share! The one Maybelline product I use every single day without fail at the moment is the Fit Me concealer. I use this after a colour correction one to brighten the under eyes and go super heavy with it for a night out when I want to channel my inner Kardashian. It's creamy, blends beautifully and there's a great colour selection - I think some people say it's an affordable version of NARS Creamy Concealer!

Next up are two eyeshadow products - The Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate and Color Show in Copper Fizz. I've reviewed both of these and love both formulas. I have a number of Color Tattoo pots in my drawers but this purple/burgundy shade is by far my favourite. It stays put all day. It's a cream product whereas the Color Show is a powder shadow - initially it's a little less pigmented but use this damp and you've got some seriously metallic eyes! 

Now my favourite bit... lip products! As I said my first ever makeup buy was a lipstick from Maybelline and I still love so many of their releases. Most recently, the Color Drama pencils - the NARS dupes - I fell in love with these because they're super matte but stay put for so, so long! I keep meaning to pick up a few more shades. The final favourite is the Color Sensational lipstick in Fuchsia Flash. This was reviewed in one of my first re-launch posts and is one of the most popular posts to this day. I love the colour - think MAC Candy Yum Yum but glossy and satin - the smell, I still can't pinpoint, but it's sweet and yummy, and the formula is just bang on. Such a brilliant range!

Do you have favourites from Maybelline?



  1. I have the color drama in Nude Perfection and I love it x

  2. I do love Maybelline, I tend to forget about the brand sometimes but when I do pick bits up I find them to be little gems :) I love the concealer, for a drugstore brand really affordable yet great quality :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee