Monday, February 09, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

There's just a matter of weeks before Benefit's new mascara release drops and I can sense the excitement online like no other! Twitter has been going crazy for the Roller Lash and in all honesty, it's the only Benefit mascara I've been excited to try - They're Real and I never hit it off. One of my best friends works for Benefit and she's been super excited about Roller Lash so I thought it'd be silly not to pick up a copy of Elle and get myself a sample. This month, Elle are giving away a sample size with each copy - it's a world exclusive before the launch next month so if you want to give it a go, pick up a copy.

First off the concept is fab. The idea of Roller Lash is to lift and curl the lashes without the need for curlers using some new fandangled hooks on the brush to really lift them and you apply. I really love the brush itself, it's slightly curved to pretty much every lash is grabbed in one stroke and the curve in it means an even application. The wear time has been pretty good, considering it's not waterproof, I've worn it for 12 hours+ and had no flaking whatsoever. 

The issue I have with my lashes is getting them to stay curled. They're super long so mascara tends to weigh them down. The only technique I find works is using my curlers and waterproof mascara but if a mascara can do all that in one go, that's good news, right? But does Roller Lash do what it says on the box?

Yes and no. For me, the lift just isn't quite enough. I adore the application and it really lengthens my lashes with no nasty clumps and although it does give some lift, it's not as much of an impact as my curlers give. In the pictures below we've got no mascara, Roller Lash on one eye, Roller Lash on both eyes and then a final tweak with my curlers - you can see that the last picture just looks a little more wide eyed.

So would I recommend Benefit's Roller Lash? Yes! I think for anyone with shorter lashes this will really do wonders! I'm still impressed by the effects on my own lashes but I don't think I'll be hanging up my beloved curlers just yet.

Have you tried Benefit Roller Lash yet?


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  1. I may have to pick up a copy, I love sample mascaras. Even though the Benfit hype can go a little crazy I am intrigued :)

    xxx Claire