Friday, January 16, 2015

Clarins Multi-Active Day

My love for skincare just keeps on growing. As does my love for Clarins. I've mentioned before that Clarins was the first real skincare line I tried in my early teens - the Daily Energizer Cream was my thing - thanks to my Dad and I've loved it ever since. It's kind of 'thing' that I get something lovely from Clarins for Christmas and this year, the Multi-Active Day was part of a selection of products.

Without even looking outside or stepping foot outside, I could tell you it's winter purely by how my skin is feeling. Right now, it's dehydrated to hell, the skintone is uneven and it's lacking life - aka. winter has arrived. My usual Vitamin C based moisturiser from Una Brennan hasn't been cutting it so the addition of Clarins Multi-Active Day was so welcome. It's much thicker, without being rich, meaning it's given a dose of moisture to my thirsty skin.

Clarins Multi-Active Day* cream is targeted for early wrinkle correction which I am all over. I've had it drilled into me to use anti-ageing things from my early 20s and that's exactly what I've been doing so this just ticks another box for me in that sense. I mean, it's called anti-ageing for a reason... to prevent wrinkles not get rid of them. The Multi-Active Day cream comes in two variants, all skin types and dry skin, I have the all skin types and I find it super hydrating but may opt for the dry skin one when I repurchase for that added oomph. The product itself feels super silky on the skin and my skin instantly feels less tight and looks plumper and brighter. I'm not sure what the bad reviews are all about on the website because honestly, even with just 3 weeks use, I think this stuff rocks! It works great under makeup and things overall are just looking a whole lot better than they were before Christmas (seriously, December was not a good skin month). It does have a scent to it, I personally adore it - it smells like a spa - but do bear that in mind if you react to things like that. The great thing about Clarins is they're always so willing to give you samples to try so definitely take them up on that offer!

As always the packaging is sleek and classic, housed in a glass tub with a screw top lid. I know not everyone likes tubs for their moisturiser - the whole dunking your fingers in to get product out - but it doesn't phase me at all. No, it's not great for travelling, but that's what 50p decanter pots from Bodycare are for! At £42.00 it's not cheap but as I've always said - skincare is the one thing I'd urge you to invest in, I promise you it'll be worth it!

Have you tried Clarins Multi-Active Day? Or do you have any other favourites from Clarins?



  1. It sounds really good! Does it have SPF in it? I need a new day cream x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Hi Jasmin! This doesn't no (personally I like a separate SPF) but the lotion version does although that'll be a lighter consistency. x