Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Clothes Show 2014 #olympusPENgeneration

The Clothes Show is one of those annual events that I have gone to more or less every single year since I was about 12. Packed full of the latest fashion I was hooked as a kid when I wanted to go into fashion but nowadays it's the beauty hall that draws me in more and more each year. This time round, for 2014, I went with fellow blogger Hannah (at Love Icon Fantasy Ego) who I met at a recent blogging event just last week! It was such a fun day to share with someone who has the same interests.

We were super lucky to get the chance to play around with the Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera! Before going to the Clothes Show I had no idea we'd get to do this and wandered over the stand just out of interest of the camera so when they said 'Do you want to loan one for the day?' it's safe to say Hannah and I were nodding and signing away! The camera is incredible. Now, I love my Nikon that I use for all my blog posts but it's around 7 years old now and using something as fancy as the Olympus PEN made me long for one as soon as I'd taken my first selfie (as seen above)! 

Talking of selfies, this camera is a selfie machine! The screen flips downwards meaning you can see yourself when taking selfies or videos and as it goes down as opposed to sideways or above as some other cameras do, it sits at a really natural angle and doesn't get in the way. The screen is also touch screen making it even easier to simply tap the screen to take the photo. Personally this is one of my favourite features - my Nikon doesn't have a flip out screen, I also have to look through the viewfinder, so taking selfies for my blog is very difficult and a long process consisting mainly guesswork and luck. This would make it so much easier!

It comes is three colour ways my favourite being the white and gold one I got to play with - yes it did match my nails - and Hannah got to use a black one which matched hers! It's compact and light despite hanging it round our necks the entire day, I never really realised it was there. There are so many fancy things to do on it and just the select few we were shown by Aiden at Olympus were super impressive but also really easy to get used to. The only thing we both struggled to adjust to was the direction of the zoom as it was opposite to the camera we both use but nothing too stressful.

I'm hoping these images do the camera justice - I'll have a few more going up tomorrow from the rest of the day, I wanted to keep this post focused on how well it captured the quick paced catwalks with all their lights and colours! It's also WiFi connected and links with your mobile phone which meant we could download images straight onto our phones to upload to Instagram and Twitter right away - something I thought was genius. 

Apologies for anyone who wasn't expecting such a photo heavy post but I just had to show off how incredible the Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera is! I'd also like to point out I wasn't paid to use the camera nor write this post, I am just genuinely so obsessed with it and am wishing for Santa to leave one under the tree this Christmas!

The Clothes Show is on until Tuesday 9th December - I'm not sure if tickets are still available.

Are you off to The Clothes Show this year?


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