Friday, February 28, 2014

Ski Ready Skincare

Prior to jetting off to the slopes, I wanted to put a few skincare pieces to the test in the colder climate and report back. Yes we may be heading into spring, but let's be honest - it's England, we had snow in March last year so it's always better to be prepared.

Temperatures out in Baqueira were around -8C, and with high winds at the top of the mountains we were looking at -15C hitting those chops - ouch! Either way, I think the conditions were ideal for putting a handful of products through a gruelling process.

Defensil Rescue Serum*
This light serum was a life saver after a day on the slopes. My skin began feeling dry and sore from the mix of cold air and beaming sun - not a great combo. Defensil Rescue Serum is super light but you can feel it soaking in and doing some goodness. I think because it's a serum as opposed to a cream, it leaves your skin feeling better - think Hydraluron but a little creamier. It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky meaning it's perfect for under makeup. I also applied this to my shins as they got a little sore from pressure against my ski boots - again, it worked wonders and really soothed the irritation. I'm hoping it'll continue to work well on my mild eczema and come in handy for any flareups.

Liquorice Balm*
Ahhh this stuff is so good. Liquorice Balm doesn't smell too strongly of liquorice but gives off the scent enough for anyone, like me, who loves the aniseedy smell - seriously I find myself just opening the tin to take a whiff. Or three. It contains extracts of liquorice which, however nasty this sounds, is known to cut down the severity of cold sores. I've never suffered from them, but many people do so this could be a consideration just for that. Anyway, I loved using this in the evenings - there's no SPF in it so it was a no-go for when we were out and about but definitely soothed my dry lips later in the day. It stuck around too without being too sticky.

BeautyLab Relax Neuropeptide Serum*
This is particularly specific for colder weather the Relax Neuropeptide Serum from BeautyLab is meant to plump the skin and give it a more youthful glow. Yes I'm only 23, but there's no time like the present to prevent those fine lines creeping in before they're welcome! The only problem with anti-ageing products is you can't really see the effects for decades to come. However, I did notice my skin looked brighter, redness reduced and instantly hydrated - so yeah, I guess there were some noticeable changes! At £45 a pop though, it's not cheap. Maybe an idea to treat your Mom with this Mother's Day?

Ark Anti-Ageing Skin Protector Primer SPF30*
Again, another anti-ageing product but the Skin Protector Primer from Ark works regardless of those wrinkle no-no claims. I used this every day because of the SPF 30. I did apply a little extra SPF 50 lotion on my nose but for the most part, this worked wonders! I didn't come back with any burn patches or the dreaded white goggle marks - bonus. It's super moisturising and felt gorgeous on my skin leaving it ready for a little application of my Clinique CC Cream before hitting the pistes. I've loved using this and definitely recommend it for everyday use - SPF on a daily basis is a must, those nasty UVA/UVB rays don't hide away, even in groggy English weather!

I hope this'll give you some assistance in preparing for the, probably inevitable, cold snowy weather we'll endure at some point before the spring really kicks in. Part of me hopes it doesn't come, but I know if it does - I've got a handful of perfect bits and bobs to see me through!


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