Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New In: Rimmel Apocalips

Everybody knows about Rimmel's Apocalips lip laquers. They were literally everywhere when they were first released and I, myself, was sucked into purchasing three of them. They really are worth that hype and I definitely recommend getting yourself one if you haven't already!

The only thing some people weren't over the moon about was the colour selection. However, after browsing my local Boots store yesterday I spotted a bunch of new shades I'd never seen! Now, I may be very late on the bandwagon here but I was so happy!

I Instragram'd a pic of my swatched up hand to see if anyone else had spotted these but to no avail!

Anyway, I picked up Eclipse (a purpley red) and, after a hefty search along the racks, Across The Universe (a classic deep red).

Eclipse is beautiful - not as purple as I'd originally thought but still a great autumn berry colour. Application is as easy as you'd expect, as is the pigment and lasting power.

Again not as deep as I'd have expected, but Across The Universe is still a gorgeous wearable shade. It reminds me of a classic Marilyn Monroe-esque red but in the beautiful lip laquer form. It's much deeper than Big Bang from the first batch which I actually prefer because I found Big Bang to be a little hard to wear.

Surely I'm not the only one to have spotted these newbies? Anyone else?


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