Monday, March 11, 2013

NOTD: Glitter fade

I am officially the worst blogger ever right now. Having rebooted Haus of Amy a few weeks ago I've failed to actually produce anything since then! Big, big apologies for that!

So, I charged up my camera got all prepped to do a couple of fabulous MAC lipstick reviews today... that was until I woke up with a lovely little blemish on my lip this morning! So, unfortunately they'll have to wait (I promise they'll be worth it!).

Instead, I have another nails post. On my first one I told you how I have gel extensions - that's not the case now! My job can be quite hectic and I simply don't have the time to get them done any more - boo hoo! - so I'm using stick on nails at the moment.

I'm actually quite impressed to be honest, they've last really well and look great. These have been on for a week so have grown out a tad but I'm very pleased! 

Anyway, onto the post. Here's the finished look:

Revlon - Sparkling
Rimmel - Princess Pink
Revlon - Top Coat

Excuse the state of my cuticles, they're pretty appalling. The formula of the Rimmel polish is pretty good. I've actually had this colour for a while but forgot how lovely and sheer it is so when I picked up Revlon Sparkling I thought this would go beautifully - and it did! It is very sheer so don't try and layer it up to get more of a pigmented colour because it will smudge, chip and look terrible. If you want more pigment, go for a proper pastel as opposed to this.

The Revlon polish is fabulous. I love, love, love Revlon polishes - they're so thick and glide on beautifully with a gorgeous, shiny finish even without a top coat. This one didn't disappoint. It's not my first Revlon glitter, I picked up the Gold Sequins before Christmas when it was on offer as a freebie and loved that so was happy to try another. The glitter disperses well and was easy to move around to get the faded look that I was going for. This was actually my first attempt at glitter fade so I'm pretty impressed! 

The glitter itself is stunning. There's different sized flecks of glitter in it so it really adds another dimension to the polish instead of it just being all the same. In some lights it can look quite a girly pink, sometimes it looks quite silvery and in others (my favourite) it has a rose gold effect which I love!

The only thing I'd say about doing this design is be patient! You must wait for each layer of glitter to dry properly before doing the next, otherwise you'll wait even longer for three layers to dry completely. I made this mistake and because the polish wasn't dry underneath it ended up smudging and I had to manoever it back in to place - patience is a virtue, ladies!

 If you'd like a tutorial on this then let me know!

Have you tried this design? What glitter polishes do you rate? Leave us a comment!

Much love, Ax

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  1. I like these a lot!! Super cute...and I am a sucker for glitter on my nails :)

    Btw, very cute blog! Would you be intereseted in following each other...let me know!