Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Wedding Guest Manicure

So tomorrow I'm jetting off over to Spain to celebrate my wonderful cousin tying the knot! I'm super excited to have so much of my family all in one place and just wish I was able to stay longer than the four days I'll be over there. However, with weddings I always get a bit panicky over what makeup look to go for! I'll still be umming and ahhing over which shadow to swipe on my lids come Saturday morning but I'm hoping to pin down a mani colour well before we take flight - which is why I'm calling on your help...

I'm stuck between three shades... Essie Spin The Bottle, Essie Blanc and Liz Earle Awakening. The three pretty much cover the whole spectrum of the colour ways I'm looking to match - my dress has pink and corals in it - but it depends on whether you go stark neutral (Blanc), stark bright (Awakening) or somewhere in the middle (Spin The Bottle).

I adore white mani's which is why Essie Blanc seems such a good choice, especially as I'll have upped my fake tan applications and white always looks great with sunkissed skin. Then again, so do bright coral colours which is why I'm drawn to Liz Earle's Awakening - a beautiful peachy coral that screams summer in a bottle! Then there's my old faithful, Essie Spin The Bottle. It's pretty much my perfect nude that leans towards more of a peach base which I love...

You see my dilemma? So over to you - which do you guys think I should opt for?!


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  1. Gorgeous colours! I love the Liz Earle shade!

    I think if your dress is mainly pink and corals, then go for Spin the Bottle. But if it's a nudey dress with little bits of pink and coral, go for Awakening! OR! Use Blanc with Awakening in a Reverse French Nail style?

    I realise I probably didn't help at all here....I can see your dilemma! ;)