Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Party Clutch Essentials

I'm hearing about so much Christmas party hype recently, including my own which is next week, so I thought I'd put together a few of my essentials for my clutch on such occasions. I have to admit, I don't don a pair of heels half as much as I did a couple of years back but that just means when I do, I like to get things down to a tee.

I like to use a reasonably large clutch - this girl has a lot of stuff - and my Whistles Rivington has been my go to all year ever since I treated myself to it for New Year! I love the chain, it's super roomy but slimline so it doesn't look overly bulky.

First off the practicalities. I like to slim things down in regards to a purse so this little zip pocket from River Island is ideal. It's not available anymore but I love this one and this one as alternatives. There's space for cards as well as folded notes and coins. Ideal. I also throw in a few hair bands and grips for that inevitable moment when you just need to get your locks off your face - yes, lots of dancing will happen. The grips and chunkier hair band from Andrew Barton have serious staying power! Oh and throw some gum in there... 

I also like to take along my backcombing brush for when things get a little flat and lack lustre. A couple of brushes in the roots and hair is oomphed up in seconds - easy peasy. It's also pretty slim and light so won't weight down or take up much room in your bag. This one is from Primark - something like £1- but you can get them at most drugstores.

I always find my hair is the part of my whole look that suffers on a night out - I'm not the greatest at it in the first place and nothing seems to hold - so for added support I'll be packing one of these mini dry shampoo cans from so...?. So...? is a brand I associate with teens but these minis are so perfect for this occasion! They smell surprisingly good (I much prefer these scents as dry shampoos over body sprays nowadays) and do a darn good job! As they're a can, they're super light, and they're so itsy bitsy too! Super cute. The So...? Salon Secrets* gift set would also make a great little stocking filler this Christmas. Here I've got the Lovely and Va Va Voom ones - Lovely is my favourite scent but Va Va Voom, well, it does what it says on the tin!

What will you be stashing in your clutch for the Christmas party?


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