Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello, Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here. The wet weather is in full force, it's getting a little blustery and every now and then the temperature drops a little lower than I care for. Thank to all those little changes, my skin is having a little play up and my general makeup picks are changing as we get further and further into the season. 

The biggest change I notice in these months is my skin getting much more dehydrated and dull so I've been using a couple of face masks to combat this. First up I use the Superdrug Brightening Renewal Face Mask to put that glow back in my skin and naturally exfoliant those dull cells away. I really like this one, it's a clear gel formula that smells a little fruity and I can always notice such a difference. Then I like to put some juice back in the skin using one of my hydrating mask. These range from a Dr Organics one, another from Super Facialist by Una Brennan or a Vitamin E one from The Body Shop however, I've been reaching for something a little more special - Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Face Mask. This is on it's last legs but it's such a lovely product. My skin feels so much healthier and full of life. A hydrating mask really helps when used a few times a week.

The rest of my skin also needs a little helping hand so my Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream has come out - a luxurious spa-scented cream that my skin just drinks up. I also up the amount I use hand creams and my favourite at the moment is The Body Shop Shea, it smells incredible and has an almost gel like texture to it. Finally, for areas that are extra dry - elbow and around my nose from constant blowing during a cold - I use a little Defensil Rescue Serum. A milky cream for super dry skin that was a must for me when I went skiing earlier this year - it works wonders!

Finally, as I said my makeup bits switch up a little and I'll go more into that in another post but for now I'll just give a mention to my favourite autumn polishes. They're the ones I automatically go towards in the last half of the year and I think everyone needs them in their stash. Essie After School Boy Blazer is an inky navy blue that's almost black and Revlon Vixen, a deep burgundy that is my must-have for those 'I have no idea what to choose' moments. When it doubt, go for Vixen.

What are you autumn essentials?



  1. These products all look so nice i love the colour of that nail polish

  2. Thanks for commenting Lauren! Hope you got some inspiration :) x