Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gym Ready Skincare

So you join the gym to feel better, look better, run better... whatever. However, whilst your abs may be starting to make an appearance some unsightly blemishes have come along for the ride too. Not exactly what you had in mind, right?

A gym regime has become part of my weekly routine for a good few months now and at first I had that exact same problem - my body was feeling great but my complexion seemed to be suffering. It took me a while to figure it out, but I realised it was because I hadn't been taking my makeup off properly nor cleansing my skin after my workout. If you're gonna go all out, you're gonna sweat. A build up of sweat and grime in your pores will, ultimately, mean blemishes and generally congested skin - not pretty. So I thought I'd share my skincare regime when it comes to those pesky workouts.

I know not all of us like to go barefaced at any time of day but when you're working out you'll really see the benefits if you take it all off. Most of the time, I go to the gym straight from work so I've taken to using face wipes to quickly get rid of the majority of my makeup. Facial wipes are far from my ideal but lugging around cotton pads and a bottle of micellar water just isn't going to happen so I've been keeping a pack of these Yes To Cucumber ones in my gym bag. They're super soft and soothing on the skin whilst managing to get rid of the majority of my makeup. The cucumber means they're not harsh on the skin nor do they irritate it - perfect for prepping the skin for a heated gym session. If I'm heading there from home, I'll take my slap off with an oil-based remover. Something like this little DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is ideal - I raved about it at the weekend - and if you do want to take it to the gym it's small enough to slip in your bag.

This is where I was tending to slip up. After slogging it in a sweaty gym all I wanted to do was collapse on the sofa and surf Cult Beauty's New In. However, letting all that sweat and grime sit on your skin is a recipe for disaster and is probably the worst thing you can do. Yes, getting rid of your makeup beforehand will help but sweat is still made up of dirt regardless. If you live a while away from your gym, try and do this step whilst you're still there. I live a 2 minute drive away (yes, I drive there...) so I just wait till I get home. Once home, I love using my Camomile Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop to get rid of all that nastiness. I favour a balm over anything else because it's so gentle. Your skin with probably be red and a little raw from your workout so you want something that'll soothe the skin. 

Once a week, away from my general face mask usage, I like to use a mask post workout to re-hydrate my skin and put some of the moisture I've sweated out back into my skin. This little sachet of Sanctuary's Moisture Boost Mask will easily give you two applications and leaves the skin buttery soft and instantly brighter. If not a hydrating mask, something like the Super Facialist Tea Flower Mask would be perfect for unclogging those pores and drawing out the imperfections. I'd say this is most definitely an optional step but one that'll be a nice treat - after all, you have just sweated your butt off.

Finally, put on your favourite moisturiser. If you're a late night worker-outer (not a word) then go ahead with your normal night time regime and if you're an early bird use your day cream before you go ahead with your makeup. Because of my awkward working hours, I'm an afternoon worker-outer (still not a word) so I like to just put a little of my Ultra Facial Moisturiser from Kiehl's which is my current daily cream.

Cleansing your face before and after a workout is beneficial regardless of whether you wear makeup or not - if you want clear, glowing skin you've got to look after it at every occasion. I'd also like to add that making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and even more so when you're working out will also help flush all those toxins that may build up on your face whilst you're pumping iron!

Do you have any tips for looking after your skin after a workout?


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