Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Sunday Post: Aromatherapy Associates

Sundays, to me, are for one thing - winding down. 

I use the evening to do my nails, put on a face mask and take a long shower complete with every beauty treatment I don't usually have time for. I decided to give some of my Aromatherapy Associates bits a go this time round and I am super impressed!

Up until now, my face mask of choice has been an Una Brennan offering but with the cold weather, my skin is calling for a little more moisture. In steps the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Face Mask. It's hydrating formula injects moisture back into the skin leaving it feeling a little less irritated. It's a gel as opposed to a clay like I'm used to which left me a little sceptical to begin with but I had no problems with breakouts at all. I also hope, with continued use, the rose element will help in balancing out my uneven skin and scarring.

Following a luxury face treatment, I like to use the Relax Deep oil in my shower routine. You can put this in the bath but, as a shower-person, I use the other method of rubbing it into my skin, focusing on my chest, before showering. The scent then intensifies with the heat of the water and I can feel myself winding down during that 15 25 minutes. I also like to dab a little on my pillow for those nights that I really can't settle and it helps me to drift off easier.

I'm yet to test the Revive Morning fully but the smell is gorgeous!

I was gifted these products after attending the launch of the range at Hoar Cross Hall Spa - a beautiful place if you're wanting a spa experience! I had a massage using the oils whilst I was there and the girl recommended Relax Light oil which I'd probably prefer to use on a more regular basis but the Relax Deep is brilliant for those times you need a really good wind down.

There are so many products from Aromatherapy Associates that'd like to try, the Relax room fragrance being one along with the candles and getting my hands on a full size bottle of the oils. There are also tons of various skincare pieces to suit every need.

Have you tried anything from Aromatherapy Associates? Or do you have other ways of relaxing at the weekend?


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